slight, redhead, quick thinking and occasionally a little brash


Harv is 23 years old. When he was 18 he joined the Army, but was bounced out by the drawdown and his poor discipline. It turned out the Army wasn’t as much about heroism and adventure as it was about rules, regulations and more rules. He headed back to Portland and found sporadic employment as a vegetable delivery driver, part time drug dealer and after a year, became one of a few “scouts” for a professional gambling ring run by Enzo “Eddie” Torra.

Harv got a lot of satisfaction out of his job as a scout. He got to travel, meet people, see places he wouldn’t normally see, and sometimes break rules / the law in really fun ways that didn’t hurt anyone. His street smarts and ability to read people made him a natural fit for the job, and his loose sense of law and order made him a great fit for the gambling ring.

A zombie apocalypse is not Harv’s idea of a great time. He’s great at short term tactical decisions, but his ability to identify long term problems and goals is pretty limited. His morality is often similar – in the long term, he wants to save people, be a good guy and be a hero. But in the short term, his morality can most generously be described as “calculated.”

Harv likes to save people and will even take risks to save them, but he definitely does some math in his head before he jumps in. There’ve definitely be times when he’s decided that maybe it’d be better if someone else was the hero.

Harv wants to be liked. He isn’t incredibly charismatic, but he wants approval.

He has extended family in the Portland area, but details about them haven’t really come out yet.


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