Chance Lorenzo


3 Apr 1984 – 1 Sep 2013

Chance was knocked unconscious by some kind of large zombie abomination, daemon hound describes it best, while trying to save the citizens of Deucetown from what appeared to be necromancer cultists in the University of Portland’s basketball arena (Chiles Center). The bease set to devouring Chance’s prone and unmoving body readily in hopes of regaining strength.

He rose moments later from the dead, entrails dragging, with only one final goal: finding nd eating Julie.


Chance Lorenzo was born in portland Oregon. As a youth he quickly shown prowess for all sports, especially track and field, and baseball. He then turned this Ito a promising career of minor league baseball. He traveled to Seattle and eventually landed in Los Angeles. He thought he would never reside in the smaller portland town again.

Chance thrived on the fast paced life that was LA. Life was great, until he tore a ligament in his right arm, derailing his career. Upon doctor recommendations he started on opiates, only to become hooked. This lead to his meeting many questionable characters. No bother, he would say, just made him keep an eye on his gun, always watching out for himself.

Once his performance began to decline after many months abusing his body he felt he had no other choice but to seek out steroids. It was all he could so to keep his career from flatlining. His attempts to balance the scales resulted in him eventually be traded again, and again.

Once Chance made it to his own definition of bottom it was time to go back, back home to the place where it all began, maybe family would forgive his abandonment.

Portland, it seemed, was the best chance for hope, rejuvenation, maybe a new start? Humbled, Chance retreated to his hometown. He ironically missed the rain that he thought he had hated. With intent to retreat from the concrete jungle of LA that had plagued him, Chance found himself in a familiar place with his ego in disrepair. Shortly after landing in PDX a warm feeling had swarmed over him. Everything was okay. They would forgive.

The last chapter had closed on a sour note. However this prepared Chance for the optimism that was needed to continue on with his new path. He thought of his ex, maybe she was still in town? Why not? Let’s look her up, he thought. He cheers himself in the airport bar as he moved into his lastest chapter, the second chance at a happy ending, he thought, he was glad he made the right choice.

Chance Lorenzo

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