More than meets the eye

Thursday, August 29, 2013. 7:00AM

Pirate attack was thwarted and all citizens look to access the damage to Deucetown. Pirate leader and thug are still unconscious. They’re brought up to the second floor of city hall tied up to the bannister with Tyler on watch.

Sam and Julie check in with the citizens and try to raise morale. Chance gathers up the logs that struck the town with Moe’s boat and starts creating a barrier to protect from like attacks. W00t heads back to his workroom and starts upgrading his flamethrower and Harv collects a baton and makes his way up to the prisoners.

The thug wakes up first and tells Harv everything. Ends up the raiders were holed up in a row home just south of Hayden Island and thought the floating town would make an easy target for rations and women.

The captain then wakes up and is much harder to deal with than the thug Bob, but eventually their stories line up. Much argument ensues about what to do with the obviously unfriendly leader.

Team decides to go check out the row home where two more guards are.
Find the door bashed in, go around back sending Bob in to climb in back window and check it out.
Hear dog barking.
Bob says no one is around. Some blood in house. He;s sent to fill a bag with rations.
More dog barking and a man yelling.
Bob comes out and team moves to corner of alley to see what’s going on.

See man struggling on ground with a large dog tearing at his leg. Standing above the man is a slender tall and pale-skin creature. Humanoid, but the appendages look unnaturally a bit longer and are black as ink. It’s eyes are the most jarring with them looking almost like spikes were driven through.

A group of zombies stand at the ready, but are surprisingly not rushing at the prone man. The creature strikes the man repeatedly on the ground as the group sneaks up. Sam, Julie, and Chance double-back to an adjacent alley to get the drop on the group.


gubs gubs

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