Deucetown is a collection of houseboats anchored on the Columbia River.

The Trailerblazers (the PCs) created it as a refuge from the walking zombies, using the rationale that zombies can’t swim. So far, so good.

Deucetown is run by a “Picard”, who is like a mayor but probably better. The first Picard was Tyler, installed into the position by the ‘Blazers during a loose organizational meeting. The Picard’s main duty is to ensure that food is rationed safely.

Alternate names for Deucetown include:

The flag of Deucetown is a big playing card, a 2 of Clubs. A stated goal by one of the founders of Deucetown is to make it a trading post and floating casino. A stated goal by the other founders of Deucetown is to not have it named Deucetown.



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