A Good Day for Flying

Monday, August 26, 2013. 5:15PM

It’s a clear summer day; perfect for flying. After passing through security, Chance finds his way to the bar to catch the tail-end of the White Sox game. A few seats down sits Dash, nursing a beer and eavesdropping in on the bartender and another patron. It seems there’s been a lot of sick looking people leaving the airport today: a ton of young men covered in tattoos (not that that’s so strange for Portland).

Harv sits down the hall from the bar working on his laptop and waiting at his gate. He notices the last stragglers board the flight at the neighboring gate and when glancing back towards his plane, he sees a pale looking guy asleep behind him. The position his body is leaning looks incredibly uncomfortable. The older woman next to the young man nudges him to ask if he’s all right, but he doesn’t seem to react. Something just doesn’t feel right to Harv and he packs up his stuff and starts walking across to the gate across the terminal. He notices a similar looking sickly man laying across a couple of seats and stops in his tracks. Both men have the same tattoo on their necks: a figure 8 over the infinity symbol.

Sam’s finishing up a sandwich at one of the standing tables in the center of the the food court. His attention is drawn to one of the televisions in the bar that’s mentioning some kind of outbreak in New York. There’s not a lot of reports yet, but it sounds serious and similar reports are being heard from across the globe.

Sam and Harv hear some yelling from farther up the terminal at another gate. Sounds like some sort of fight broke out and people are starting to surround the culprits. Another scream resounds and what sounded like a fight now sounds like a serious problem. The curious onlookers of the supposed fight start backing up and quickly moving away as another weaker scream is heard. Sam spots a security phone and calls to report a disturbance.

Another closer scream is heard from back at Harv’s gate as the older woman he saw earlier tries to get out from under the young man who is now anything but asleep. Her husband tries to pull him off as he sinks his teeth into her arm. At this point everyone is moving towards the center of the food court and trying to figure out what all the screaming is about.

Having seen the the older woman just get attacked, Harv beelines for the bar in hopes of getting something to protect himself. The bartender is petrified and cowers at Harv’s insistence of help; so, Harv just hops over the bar and into the storage room as Sam and Dash tentatively walk to the other side of the terminal to get a better look at what’s happening.

Harv quickly grabs a bread knife and a bottle of rum and comes back out to the gathering panic. Chance sees that Harv armed himself and heads into the the storage room to see what he can find. He grabs a broomstick and starts working on making into a more impressive weapon.

Three airport security approach the first disturbance at the far gate as Sam, Dash, and a group of now frightened civilians move along the far side of the moving walkway trying to stay as far from the now multiple attacks surrounding them. They hear, over the panicked cries and security announcements, the sounds of an airplane engine revving up.

At each attack site, more screams sound as the attacked seem to stand from prone states spattered with blood and attack anyone who’s close. The older woman is now pushing her husband up against the wall with her teeth bared as the young man who bit her eyes the back of a businessman unsure of where he should move.

In hearing the loudening engine sounds, Sam and Dash double-back away from the gate in question. The engine sounds peak and a plane pummels into the side of the terminal. All those fleeing civilians in front of the gate windows are crushed or thrown as the terminals glass ceiling shatters down on all below. What was nearing panic now quickly becomes chaos and all those fleeing start realizing the danger of the situation.

Chance snaps his broomstick to give it a sharpened point, grabs a bottle of vodka, and runs out of the storage room only to realize that the bar is now surrounded by shambling and bloody individuals. All their heads swerve to take in the new closest target. Chance backs to the back of the bar only to trip over the cowering form of the bartender. He screams at the bartender to man up, stabs the nearest shambler in the head, and vaults over the bar to escape.

Sam finds a case full of basic medical kits on one of the nearby columns and starts tending to his numerous cuts and bruises before turning his attention to nearby individuals with injuries. He shows confidence and dexterity in dealing with the wounded marking him as a trained healer. All those who notice stay a little closer knowing that this man could be the difference between life and death for them.

Gunshots ring out as the security guards try to bring down what now appears to be relentless and remorseless killers, only intent on eating flesh. Sam and Dash try to stay as close as they can to the guards with guns, but even that strategy comes into doubt as one is tackled by a zombie who is immediately dispatched by the guard’s vengeful comrades. Gormless civilians advance on the corpse and hesitantly pull a pistol from the guard’s corpse, but then a reedy voice calls out with feigned authority “Air marshall! Civilian, give me that firearm immediately!” It’s Harv, 23 years old, dressed like a car salesman, holding a bottle of rum and bluffing his way into a position of authority and possession of a gun. The party comes together to defend the few remaining civilians and starts backing towards an announced opening at the gate door behind them.

A massive explosion erupts from where the planes wing can through the terminal wall as the jet fuel ignited. Dozens of civilians and infected are thrown from the blast aflame as Chance flees the pack of shamblers intent on catching him. He narrowly avoids being taken down by a flaming woman and vaults over a man devouring a child’s stomach towards the open gate others are now escaping through.

Automatic gunfire rings out from down the terminal as bullets are heard ricocheting off columns and shattering the windows. Everyone runs out the gate door, shuts it, and flees down the hall only to bang into a pack of twenty or so people trying not to fall the twenty-or-so feet to the tarmac below. Sam squeezes through the mass, flings open the a la carte luggage door and rushes to the ground with everyone following at his heels.

Escape the Airport

Monday, August 26, 2013. 5:30PM

As the riot police double back through the terminal after their initial sweep, an officer sees the group of civilians forming outside of gate C16 on the tarmac and calls down. He orders them to head back into the terminal and re-group in the upstairs convention center with the other survivors where they’re trying to create a line of defense and safe zone from the attackers. As he’s finishing up his order, a cry sounds from behind him and he turns and disappears back into the terminal to the sound of gunfire.

Dash mentions his position with the government and quickly heads towards the main terminal on the runway to find safety. Most of the civilians follow him, but a handful of the survivors keep back and contemplate their own thoughts on safely escaping the airport.

Sam patches up a man he recognizes as a baseball player of some note from a few years ago who just dropped off the map, but Chance doesn’t seem to want to talk about his lost career and presses the point of getting off the runway and avoiding the so-called safe zone. Harv points out a luggage cart across the tarmac that would serve nicely as an escape vehicle and starts running that way. W00t, a techie street kid who stuck close to the guys to escape the terminal and definitely wants nothing to do with the authorities, stashes his phone and follows the guy with the gun. Chance takes off right behind them as Sam yells to the group that he needs to grab something in the terminal and will meet back up on the tarmac momentarily.

As Sam heads back up the luggage stairs, he realizes that the teenage girl who was quietly sitting on the ground sobbing stands and starts to follow him. On being asked, she gives her name as Julie and begs him to let her come along. Not knowing what to do with her, Sam tells her to stay close and quiet as he makes his way back to the gate door with hopes of grabbing one of the fallen soldier’s tactical vests and maybe even a gun.

As the team sprints across the open asphalt, they notice a stationary plane sitting at the mouth of the tarmac. People look to have fled the aircraft and are sprinting towards the group assuming that they can protect them from the shambling bloody figures close behind. In the hope of giving the fleers time to board and start the luggage cart, Chance makes a u-turn and starts running towards the zombies screaming at them to follow him.

Meanwhile, Sam quietly opens the gate door and peers inside the terminal. The jet-fuel fire still rages across the terminal and silhouetted in its glow lies the body of a flight attendant being straddled and devoured by what could only be a man, before being partly eaten and burned himself. Sam contemplates his options for a moment and realizes that, alone and probably outnumbered, his chances are slight to get what he needs in here. He quickly closes the door and runs with Julie back down to try to find his newfound companions.


Players disregard the police and flee to a luggage cart. Manage to escape the runway, find the fire station behind, loot the shit out of it, then hightail it to the nearest boat launch to ‘rent’ a vessel.

So... hungry

Tuesday, August 27, 2013. 6:30AM

After watching the pandaemonium overtake Portland-proper from the relative safety of the Willamette River, the players make it through an uncomfortable night packed like sardines aboard their fishing vessel. At dawn they head north to the dockside restaurant Who Song & Larry’s in Vancouver, Washington with hopes of a quick grab-and-go mission for rations and supplies.

The restaurant’s patio seems quiet enough, but a previous struggle is obvious in the handful of bodies and broken plates strewn about the dock. On closer inspection, they see a few infected individuals standing in some kind of stasis inside. Sam leads the crew onto the dock and stealthily makes his way to the patio doors and inside. Facedown on one of the banquet tables lies one of the largest men Sam has ever seen. He looks to be almost 7ft tall and weighs well over 300lbs.

Trying to move silently by the leviathan, Sam missteps and a floorboard creaks. The body twitches and starts to rise and the nearby infected behind the bar immediately turns and shambles towards the medic. Without hesitation, Chance raises his shotgun and blows the incomings head clean off to protect Sam, but in doing so draws the attention of the restaurant’s ill-wanted patrons.

@WIP …W00t flamethrowers. Fat guy nearly burns down the building. Shots bring infected from dockside restaurant next door who manage to board the farthest ship and threaten the civilians onboard. Chance gets swarmed and nearly drops. Harv double-times it to the kitchen and into the walk-in only to be hit in the head by a pimply teen wielding a tomato can. He has the kid fill his bag with cans. W00t scavenges the kitchen and finds a fire extinguisher, some medkits, and corrosive dishwater detergent. All make a hasty retreat to the docks as more infected come towards the gunfire through from the parking lot. Back to the boats and escape

Founding Deus Town


Tuesday, August 27, 2013. 8:15AM

Small marina dock with filling station. Power out. Signs of struggle on dock. Capsized boat. Office blocked from inside. Suicide inside; found revolver and motor oil. Generator in shed. Get it down to dock and onto ship itself. W00t hooks it to pump and start it up. Loud generator plus metal shed roofing equals zombie mating call. Ensuing fight against time to defend boat while gas fills. Use jacket and sail to muffle. W00t jumps in to grab flare gun and medkit. Pulled under water by trapped and now awakened zombie. Saved by Harv diving in and firing revolver underwater. Success! Refill all gas containers and ships. Travel down Haydn Island to house boats.

9:30AM – 8:00PM

Spend rest of day unhooking houses from docking structures and haphazardly connecting together. Deus Town founded! Spend night delegating roles to citizens: Tyler = mayor (the Picard), also guards rations; Julie in charge of ration distributions and HR.

Wedneday, August 28, 2013. 7:00AM

Head to Jantzen beach area to strip mall area. Quick stop at Sam’s parents house. Both his parents turned and locked in bedroom upstairs. Finds young girl hiding in bathtub. Parents dispatched by Chance. Sam weeps while other scavenge and protect. Escape to pickup.

Outlet shopping

Wednesday, August 28, 2013. 8:00AM

The team drives around Sam’s neighborhood neighborhood looking for bicycles. A handful of houses are obviously boarded up and still inhabited, but the keeps their bike searches to open garages and abandoned homes. A few other cars scream by on the main road towards the shopping center. One one street, a couple of teenagers run between houses with bags on obviously trying to move quickly and avoid trouble. drive after them. Manage to not scare them and find out their heading to the shopping center for food and supplies. Corey is tall and lanky, but has shows some confidence. Blake is smaller and frailer; he seems reserved and quite afraid. They get the guys into the pickup and head back to boat to drop off the near catatonic young girl and, after some talk, Blake.

8:30AM Drive to Jantzen Beach Shopping Center. Hundreds of people are moving about the parking lots between cars and shopping carts. Pull a big loop around the entire complex and see a few small skirmishes over supplies and fewer infected, with the latter being quickly routed by the mobs. Of note are three guys in full football gear sprinting across the lots from Home Depot towards Sports Authority. Team doubles back to the sports super-center and scopes out the loading bays. All is quiet. W00t picks the lock on the service entrance and Harv leads the way with his flashlight. A gunshot rings out from the store and some yelling is heard. Everyone moves quietly through the dark loading bay and checks the adjoining bathroom and managers office. Sam finds a safe in the office and calls for W00t to check it out. A man is heard yelling from in the store, “I know you’re over there you fucker. These are mine. Get away!”. Harv moves to the other side of the bay and stealthily looks out the door. An old man is poised with a rifle aimed at the other door nearest Sam. Harv radios to the others to get ready and he’ll create a diversion.

W00t opens the safe and finds a deposit bag full of cash. He gives it to Corey and rejoins the others in the dark loading area awaiting Harv’s diversion. Harv barrels out into the store screaming, “Run, run! There’re zombies in here!!!”. He nearly collides with a football player sneaking through the aisle in front of him and he peels off down the adjacent aisle.

Sam then runs through the other door, sees another football player wielding a bat, and turns

knocks old man unconscious
kills kids
burns todd (remember to have corey see todd in parking lot)
loot store
return to boat with tons of gear

home depot

Yo ho ho

Wednesday, August 28, 2013. 4:00PM

Takes two trips to get all the loot from Home Depot back to Deucetown. Rest of the day is spent organizing the equipment and setting up basic accommodations for the 40 inhabitants. W00t gets his deluxe mechanical shop up and crafts a couple explosives before dusk.


As night settles in, a lookout calls attention to some boats approaching from the point of Hayden Island. 3 speed boats are coming in fast, split around the floating town, and speed away upriver. Sam catches the silhouette of a rifleman in one of the spotlights as the boat passes.

The team groups up, gets organized, and attempts to track the boats, but to no avail. A couple hours later they get back to town and try to get some rest.

Thursday, August 29, 2013. 6:30AM

Three speedboats approach with the sunrise to their backs. Everyone heads out onto the docks to see what’s going on. Harv makes out men ducking and driving the boats, the glint of possibly a scope, and something being pulled behind the boats. A shot rings out a baseball bat wielding teen drops dead in front of everyone. The boats speed up, abruptly turn, and cut the logs free.

The boats then pull around the side and attempt look board the town. Men wielding nets and batons prepare to attack. Meanwhile, Harv hops onto Larry’s boat, directs him to back up and then leaps onto one of the speedboats.

Chance hops onto Moe’s boat, directs hime to back up and jumps onto the back of the boarding party on the opposite side of the town. He first attacks the boats engine and ensures that it’d be going no where soon, and then he moves up to attack the man wielding the sniper rifle. Chance takes on the boss as Sam works his way through the net-wielders to the same boat.

Harv prevents men from boarding on the other side of town, but starts getting overwhelmed by goons surrounding him on he boat. Logs slam into the entire east-side of the town and people topple from the force.

The third boat pulls around to the back of the town to W00t’s workroom and is greeted one of W00t’s homemade sode can grenades. W00t finishes off a guy who leapt onto the dock with his chainsaw and looks to see what other disruption he can cause. He notices Harv slump to the floor of a now escaping boat as the riflemen above picks off the driver. The man’s body falls onto the throttle and sends the boat right into the destruction in front of W00t.

Most of the pirates see that they’re plan has failed at this point and start diving into the river to escape. Sam makes his way to Harv and quite miraculously manages to wake him up as Chance takes to the river with Moe chasing down the fleers.

Driving over one peon, Chance yells for the leader to surrender and pulls along side of him. He spats at the thought, but sees he has no one out and finally gives up only to pull Chance into the river at his first chance. Chance, Moe, and the pirate leader struggle, but without weapons and outnumbered, Chance can’t be held at bay for long.

They make it back to the town, tie up a couple of survivors, including the captain and start accessing the damage that was done.

More than meets the eye

Thursday, August 29, 2013. 7:00AM

Pirate attack was thwarted and all citizens look to access the damage to Deucetown. Pirate leader and thug are still unconscious. They’re brought up to the second floor of city hall tied up to the bannister with Tyler on watch.

Sam and Julie check in with the citizens and try to raise morale. Chance gathers up the logs that struck the town with Moe’s boat and starts creating a barrier to protect from like attacks. W00t heads back to his workroom and starts upgrading his flamethrower and Harv collects a baton and makes his way up to the prisoners.

The thug wakes up first and tells Harv everything. Ends up the raiders were holed up in a row home just south of Hayden Island and thought the floating town would make an easy target for rations and women.

The captain then wakes up and is much harder to deal with than the thug Bob, but eventually their stories line up. Much argument ensues about what to do with the obviously unfriendly leader.

Team decides to go check out the row home where two more guards are.
Find the door bashed in, go around back sending Bob in to climb in back window and check it out.
Hear dog barking.
Bob says no one is around. Some blood in house. He;s sent to fill a bag with rations.
More dog barking and a man yelling.
Bob comes out and team moves to corner of alley to see what’s going on.

See man struggling on ground with a large dog tearing at his leg. Standing above the man is a slender tall and pale-skin creature. Humanoid, but the appendages look unnaturally a bit longer and are black as ink. It’s eyes are the most jarring with them looking almost like spikes were driven through.

A group of zombies stand at the ready, but are surprisingly not rushing at the prone man. The creature strikes the man repeatedly on the ground as the group sneaks up. Sam, Julie, and Chance double-back to an adjacent alley to get the drop on the group.

The Convention

Thursday, August 29, 2013, 10:30AM

Track escaped truck with plague mask guy west along river with help of Larry in the boat.
Hotwire car. Quick load and heals. Full speed chase.
Amazing driving maneuvers by Harv get team closer to fleeing vehicle, but its still not in sight.
See truck backing in between expo center halls. Park car and sneak up.
Truck is backed right up between halls C and D and empty. Upon getting close, permeating smell of rot and death is noticed.

Harv climbs up on truck while team gets close to doors. Place is dark and quiet. Climbing off truck dings car hood and groaning is heard inside. Harv runs in…

still to add:
piles of bodies
everyone moves into hall and are nauseated
Sam starts vomitting
giant beast chained to columns with masked man ‘working’ in it
zombies rise and head towards team
beast is released and is fast as hell
team flees. most head to truck. beast catches up to harv and both run into parking lot.
Sam gets truck moving and attempts to sideswipe the beast.
Skids into wall, loses control and flips the truck with everyone in it.

The Convention (part 2)

Thursday, August 29, 2013, 11:00AM

Find strange working table, eye spikes and oil in corner. One lady alive with eyes removed and strange tattoos around sockets. Sam and Julie manage to calm her and get her bandaged.

Harv hears light clanging behind barrier and sees evidence of a large sheet table having been slid to enter adjacent hall. Slides table and sees workbenches with candles along the side of the door. Hears sounds on dark side of hall and aims flashlight.
Cage along wall with some zombies trying to get in. Other undead eating corpses.
They see light and head towards Harv. Harv runs bak into main hall and warns others of impeding attack. Team sets up a bottle neck at barricade and starts the slaughter. Wave of zombies hit barricade and manage to topple it catching Chance below. Shitshow ensues. Chance falls unconscious and is bit. Team kills rest of zombies and gets to Chance in time. Seems he fended off whatever causes the infection.

Heavily search entire hall. Find strange book with notes in unknown language appearing to depict alterations done to bodies. Chemical workshop with oil substance. Tattooing equipment and a morse code machine. W00t tries to send message in morse code. Short time later a message comes through and Chance knows mores. Says:
“Outposts 2,3,5,7, and 9 success. Stop.
Deal with Columbia threat by any means necessary. Stop.
Runners on schedule. Stop.”


More searching. Hear motorcycles outside and then gun shots. Sounds like automatic gunfire followed by rifle shots. Team fears for Larry in the boat and starts breaking down exterior barricade. When they get outside, two bikes careen off and smoke can be seen from docks. Run over and swim to boat only to find Larry riddled with bullets. Team gets wary, jury-rigs the boat and gets back to deucetown. Drops off gear and equipment, then get anxy about runner comment in morse code. Head back to expo center in hopes of catching runners and searching more.


Adjacent hall still filled with convention booths. Find tons of stuff through the evening. Head to roof for safety and set up camp. Notice light being shone in various directions in distance and think it’s the belltower at Univ of Portland.

Look to the all mighty

Spent the night on the roof of the Expo Center waiting for the ‘runners’. W00t uses found chem lab to craft some minor acids and explosives. While up there, team hears motorcycles, assumed to be the same that murdered Larry to the south as well as the sounds of a semi. Engine sounds are pretty constant every hour or so.

Friday, August 30, 2013, 7:00AM

Expo center itself is still quiet, so team looks to full clear all halls. Find some straggler shamblers in Halls D & E and quickly dispatch them. Gas leak in kitchen is noticed (W00t remembers to extinguish flamethrower’s pilot light!) and aired out. Find ample amounts of food and supplies.


Bury a weeks worth of rations on tip of Government Island, if need arises, then head back to Deucetown. Sam, Chance, and Julie spend rest of day helping to calm citizens and rest up. W00t starts crafting a massive explosive and Harv, against the teams resistance, takes a solo trip for ammo to the airport.


PDX International Airport is quiet. Some shamblers move about the tarmac and terminal, but nothing the quick and stealthy shyster can’t deal with. Of most note is the amount of damage and bodies in the main terminal. It appears something large made its way through all the riot police and civilians alike. The number of zombies in this area is large enough that Harv quickly turns back to inform his friends.


The team takes a quick trip back to roof of expo center at dusk to again witness a light being flashed in the Univ of Portland bell tower. Back to town with plans of checking university in the morning.

Saturday, September 1, 2013, 8:00AM

Takes W00t a few more hours to complete his masterpiece.


Looking for motorcycles and semi. Travel along Columbia river and head south into St Johns. Not much to see other than death and destruction. Bodies line the streets and shamblers prevail. Most shops appear to have been looted at some point in the past week. Team moves quickly through streets avoiding confrontation. Plan is to cross St Johns bridge and watch the bell tower from close across the Willamette. While crossing bridge, a semi truck is noticed pull up right to the rivers edge and a motorcycle idles next to it with its rider surveying. Both parties see each other, biker appears to make a radio call, then speeds off into city streets.

Team turns and tries to follow, but quickly lose track of faster more mobile cycle. Check out semi left at rivers edge. Something large was transported in it. Inside of trailer is slashed and dented. Some body parts and tracks of blood can be seen leading out of trailer and dissapear at mouth of river.

Back to plan and cross river. Find tall industrial building and wait for dusk.


Radios go crazy but hard to pick out what is being said. Harv hears Julie’s voice and words, “Attack!”, and “Zombies!”. He lies to group about understanding anything and talks everyone into staying atop silo to watch the university. Radios go quiet after about 15 minutes.


Two people are seen at top of belltower and appear to be shining a flashlight. Team decides to investigate. Head by foot over rail bridge and onto school grounds. Very dark out, especially under the large trees on campus mall. Team sticks to edge of buildings and approached tower. Hears banging and telltale signs of zombies ahead. Banging sounds to be coming from inside St Marys community center and moves to another wall. Zombies follow sounds and sees team. Fight ensues.

Party splits and W00t nearly burns down the small radio station building he took refuge in.


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