Hey Brah! Are you ok?


6 foot, 2 inches. 235 pounds. Sam is big and dumb looking. He sounds dumb when he talks too, frequently stumbling on his words and “umming”. His looming presence makes him intimidating at all the wrong times, while his dorky facial expressions and dude-bro voice make it hard to take him seriously. His brown hair is buzzed short. His hazel eyes are difficult to see, recessed in his large neanderthal-like dome.


After five and a half years, Sam finished a degree in biology at PSU. He was essentially forced into college by his father, and then berated for not finishing in the customary four years. Sam’s father was a retired dentist and a right awful jerk; his mother, a hospital nurse – nice, but quiet. Sam figured becoming an EMT or EMR wouldn’t be too difficult. Maybe father would approve of that sorta career choice, and helping people is exactly what he did as a linebacker for the Vikings…

EMT certification is easy enough. Hell, you can do that online for a few hundred bills. Sam did it the right way though, taking a full six month course. Unfortunately, getting a job in that field isn’t nearly as easy, and Sam found himself stuck with the same crappy gig he originally picked up senior year – bouncer at Couture. At first it was fun. Who doesn’t want to work where the party’s at, right? NO NO NO. Jager bombs don’t lead to happiness any faster than beating up drunks and bums – this is not what Sam signed up for in life. Friends quickly became enemies, and his father was a nightmare to be avoided routinely.

Zombie apocalypse isn’t exactly what Sam had in mind when he was thinking his life needed a change… but it will do quite nicely. Sam is fairly simple – he just wants to feel useful and help people. Modern life is filled with so many complications. Job hunting, math, paperwork, laundry, math. Zombies might actually simply things a bit. Yeah, that seems nice….

Until Sam finds his parents – AND THEY’RE ZOMBIES!! While just barely starting to grapple with the sight of undead mom and dad, Chance lops off their heads with deft ease. Fortunately, it was a quick death… that last part at least.


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