Yo ho ho

Wednesday, August 28, 2013. 4:00PM

Takes two trips to get all the loot from Home Depot back to Deucetown. Rest of the day is spent organizing the equipment and setting up basic accommodations for the 40 inhabitants. W00t gets his deluxe mechanical shop up and crafts a couple explosives before dusk.


As night settles in, a lookout calls attention to some boats approaching from the point of Hayden Island. 3 speed boats are coming in fast, split around the floating town, and speed away upriver. Sam catches the silhouette of a rifleman in one of the spotlights as the boat passes.

The team groups up, gets organized, and attempts to track the boats, but to no avail. A couple hours later they get back to town and try to get some rest.

Thursday, August 29, 2013. 6:30AM

Three speedboats approach with the sunrise to their backs. Everyone heads out onto the docks to see what’s going on. Harv makes out men ducking and driving the boats, the glint of possibly a scope, and something being pulled behind the boats. A shot rings out a baseball bat wielding teen drops dead in front of everyone. The boats speed up, abruptly turn, and cut the logs free.

The boats then pull around the side and attempt look board the town. Men wielding nets and batons prepare to attack. Meanwhile, Harv hops onto Larry’s boat, directs him to back up and then leaps onto one of the speedboats.

Chance hops onto Moe’s boat, directs hime to back up and jumps onto the back of the boarding party on the opposite side of the town. He first attacks the boats engine and ensures that it’d be going no where soon, and then he moves up to attack the man wielding the sniper rifle. Chance takes on the boss as Sam works his way through the net-wielders to the same boat.

Harv prevents men from boarding on the other side of town, but starts getting overwhelmed by goons surrounding him on he boat. Logs slam into the entire east-side of the town and people topple from the force.

The third boat pulls around to the back of the town to W00t’s workroom and is greeted one of W00t’s homemade sode can grenades. W00t finishes off a guy who leapt onto the dock with his chainsaw and looks to see what other disruption he can cause. He notices Harv slump to the floor of a now escaping boat as the riflemen above picks off the driver. The man’s body falls onto the throttle and sends the boat right into the destruction in front of W00t.

Most of the pirates see that they’re plan has failed at this point and start diving into the river to escape. Sam makes his way to Harv and quite miraculously manages to wake him up as Chance takes to the river with Moe chasing down the fleers.

Driving over one peon, Chance yells for the leader to surrender and pulls along side of him. He spats at the thought, but sees he has no one out and finally gives up only to pull Chance into the river at his first chance. Chance, Moe, and the pirate leader struggle, but without weapons and outnumbered, Chance can’t be held at bay for long.

They make it back to the town, tie up a couple of survivors, including the captain and start accessing the damage that was done.


gubs gubs

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