Tunnels part 2


In sewers below Shanghai tunnel
Harvs body lies at their feet
Team grabs all his gear and finds the recently dead bodies of the military guys nearby. Grab their stuff and grapple up through gaping hole in ceiling.
Sam up first and into storage room of bar. Hole spans between bar and storage room. He moves and opens door. Flashes light into room and sees a handful of shamblers. Sound from under table to his right and a tentacle slaps across his face. He calls for Guillermo for help.

Guillermo and w00t follow and the three easily defeat a couple of chokers and half dozen shamblers. Successful scavenging. W00t hunkers down to craft some exosives on the pool table. Guillermo searches upstairs and street level bar. Outside the street is filled with shamblers. Contact is made with the watcher Scott across the street who joins the group after being informed that his team was killed in the carnage below the bar.

Without Harv pushing the group, they settle into the office on the second floor and spend the rest oft eh day healing and crafting. W00t makes a booster for the walky talkie and Sam tries to reach Julie.

After some time, father Jose answers and informs the group that the student center was attacked and most oft eh students including Julie were taken or killed. He managed to escape and is hiding in the UofP dorms with a few other survivors. Sam is distraught and starts drinking. Eventually he takes his drinker aggression to the street and rampages through countless shamblers wailing.

Morning comes (figure out date).

Back into tunnels below bar. Get a little lost. F nd passage leading down and waterfall. Turn back. F nd grate leading to river, turn back. Find large room with water I middle. Another guarded entry point with three crocodiles and two chokers. Scott is killed and death rolled before team clears room.


gubs gubs

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