The Convention (part 2)

Thursday, August 29, 2013, 11:00AM

Find strange working table, eye spikes and oil in corner. One lady alive with eyes removed and strange tattoos around sockets. Sam and Julie manage to calm her and get her bandaged.

Harv hears light clanging behind barrier and sees evidence of a large sheet table having been slid to enter adjacent hall. Slides table and sees workbenches with candles along the side of the door. Hears sounds on dark side of hall and aims flashlight.
Cage along wall with some zombies trying to get in. Other undead eating corpses.
They see light and head towards Harv. Harv runs bak into main hall and warns others of impeding attack. Team sets up a bottle neck at barricade and starts the slaughter. Wave of zombies hit barricade and manage to topple it catching Chance below. Shitshow ensues. Chance falls unconscious and is bit. Team kills rest of zombies and gets to Chance in time. Seems he fended off whatever causes the infection.

Heavily search entire hall. Find strange book with notes in unknown language appearing to depict alterations done to bodies. Chemical workshop with oil substance. Tattooing equipment and a morse code machine. W00t tries to send message in morse code. Short time later a message comes through and Chance knows mores. Says:
“Outposts 2,3,5,7, and 9 success. Stop.
Deal with Columbia threat by any means necessary. Stop.
Runners on schedule. Stop.”


More searching. Hear motorcycles outside and then gun shots. Sounds like automatic gunfire followed by rifle shots. Team fears for Larry in the boat and starts breaking down exterior barricade. When they get outside, two bikes careen off and smoke can be seen from docks. Run over and swim to boat only to find Larry riddled with bullets. Team gets wary, jury-rigs the boat and gets back to deucetown. Drops off gear and equipment, then get anxy about runner comment in morse code. Head back to expo center in hopes of catching runners and searching more.


Adjacent hall still filled with convention booths. Find tons of stuff through the evening. Head to roof for safety and set up camp. Notice light being shone in various directions in distance and think it’s the belltower at Univ of Portland.


gubs gubs

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