The Convention

Thursday, August 29, 2013, 10:30AM

Track escaped truck with plague mask guy west along river with help of Larry in the boat.
Hotwire car. Quick load and heals. Full speed chase.
Amazing driving maneuvers by Harv get team closer to fleeing vehicle, but its still not in sight.
See truck backing in between expo center halls. Park car and sneak up.
Truck is backed right up between halls C and D and empty. Upon getting close, permeating smell of rot and death is noticed.

Harv climbs up on truck while team gets close to doors. Place is dark and quiet. Climbing off truck dings car hood and groaning is heard inside. Harv runs in…

still to add:
piles of bodies
everyone moves into hall and are nauseated
Sam starts vomitting
giant beast chained to columns with masked man ‘working’ in it
zombies rise and head towards team
beast is released and is fast as hell
team flees. most head to truck. beast catches up to harv and both run into parking lot.
Sam gets truck moving and attempts to sideswipe the beast.
Skids into wall, loses control and flips the truck with everyone in it.


gubs gubs

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