So... hungry

Tuesday, August 27, 2013. 6:30AM

After watching the pandaemonium overtake Portland-proper from the relative safety of the Willamette River, the players make it through an uncomfortable night packed like sardines aboard their fishing vessel. At dawn they head north to the dockside restaurant Who Song & Larry’s in Vancouver, Washington with hopes of a quick grab-and-go mission for rations and supplies.

The restaurant’s patio seems quiet enough, but a previous struggle is obvious in the handful of bodies and broken plates strewn about the dock. On closer inspection, they see a few infected individuals standing in some kind of stasis inside. Sam leads the crew onto the dock and stealthily makes his way to the patio doors and inside. Facedown on one of the banquet tables lies one of the largest men Sam has ever seen. He looks to be almost 7ft tall and weighs well over 300lbs.

Trying to move silently by the leviathan, Sam missteps and a floorboard creaks. The body twitches and starts to rise and the nearby infected behind the bar immediately turns and shambles towards the medic. Without hesitation, Chance raises his shotgun and blows the incomings head clean off to protect Sam, but in doing so draws the attention of the restaurant’s ill-wanted patrons.

@WIP …W00t flamethrowers. Fat guy nearly burns down the building. Shots bring infected from dockside restaurant next door who manage to board the farthest ship and threaten the civilians onboard. Chance gets swarmed and nearly drops. Harv double-times it to the kitchen and into the walk-in only to be hit in the head by a pimply teen wielding a tomato can. He has the kid fill his bag with cans. W00t scavenges the kitchen and finds a fire extinguisher, some medkits, and corrosive dishwater detergent. All make a hasty retreat to the docks as more infected come towards the gunfire through from the parking lot. Back to the boats and escape


gubs gubs

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