Outlet shopping

Wednesday, August 28, 2013. 8:00AM

The team drives around Sam’s neighborhood neighborhood looking for bicycles. A handful of houses are obviously boarded up and still inhabited, but the keeps their bike searches to open garages and abandoned homes. A few other cars scream by on the main road towards the shopping center. One one street, a couple of teenagers run between houses with bags on obviously trying to move quickly and avoid trouble. drive after them. Manage to not scare them and find out their heading to the shopping center for food and supplies. Corey is tall and lanky, but has shows some confidence. Blake is smaller and frailer; he seems reserved and quite afraid. They get the guys into the pickup and head back to boat to drop off the near catatonic young girl and, after some talk, Blake.

8:30AM Drive to Jantzen Beach Shopping Center. Hundreds of people are moving about the parking lots between cars and shopping carts. Pull a big loop around the entire complex and see a few small skirmishes over supplies and fewer infected, with the latter being quickly routed by the mobs. Of note are three guys in full football gear sprinting across the lots from Home Depot towards Sports Authority. Team doubles back to the sports super-center and scopes out the loading bays. All is quiet. W00t picks the lock on the service entrance and Harv leads the way with his flashlight. A gunshot rings out from the store and some yelling is heard. Everyone moves quietly through the dark loading bay and checks the adjoining bathroom and managers office. Sam finds a safe in the office and calls for W00t to check it out. A man is heard yelling from in the store, “I know you’re over there you fucker. These are mine. Get away!”. Harv moves to the other side of the bay and stealthily looks out the door. An old man is poised with a rifle aimed at the other door nearest Sam. Harv radios to the others to get ready and he’ll create a diversion.

W00t opens the safe and finds a deposit bag full of cash. He gives it to Corey and rejoins the others in the dark loading area awaiting Harv’s diversion. Harv barrels out into the store screaming, “Run, run! There’re zombies in here!!!”. He nearly collides with a football player sneaking through the aisle in front of him and he peels off down the adjacent aisle.

Sam then runs through the other door, sees another football player wielding a bat, and turns

knocks old man unconscious
kills kids
burns todd (remember to have corey see todd in parking lot)
loot store
return to boat with tons of gear

home depot


gubs gubs

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