Look to the all mighty

Spent the night on the roof of the Expo Center waiting for the ‘runners’. W00t uses found chem lab to craft some minor acids and explosives. While up there, team hears motorcycles, assumed to be the same that murdered Larry to the south as well as the sounds of a semi. Engine sounds are pretty constant every hour or so.

Friday, August 30, 2013, 7:00AM

Expo center itself is still quiet, so team looks to full clear all halls. Find some straggler shamblers in Halls D & E and quickly dispatch them. Gas leak in kitchen is noticed (W00t remembers to extinguish flamethrower’s pilot light!) and aired out. Find ample amounts of food and supplies.


Bury a weeks worth of rations on tip of Government Island, if need arises, then head back to Deucetown. Sam, Chance, and Julie spend rest of day helping to calm citizens and rest up. W00t starts crafting a massive explosive and Harv, against the teams resistance, takes a solo trip for ammo to the airport.


PDX International Airport is quiet. Some shamblers move about the tarmac and terminal, but nothing the quick and stealthy shyster can’t deal with. Of most note is the amount of damage and bodies in the main terminal. It appears something large made its way through all the riot police and civilians alike. The number of zombies in this area is large enough that Harv quickly turns back to inform his friends.


The team takes a quick trip back to roof of expo center at dusk to again witness a light being flashed in the Univ of Portland bell tower. Back to town with plans of checking university in the morning.

Saturday, September 1, 2013, 8:00AM

Takes W00t a few more hours to complete his masterpiece.


Looking for motorcycles and semi. Travel along Columbia river and head south into St Johns. Not much to see other than death and destruction. Bodies line the streets and shamblers prevail. Most shops appear to have been looted at some point in the past week. Team moves quickly through streets avoiding confrontation. Plan is to cross St Johns bridge and watch the bell tower from close across the Willamette. While crossing bridge, a semi truck is noticed pull up right to the rivers edge and a motorcycle idles next to it with its rider surveying. Both parties see each other, biker appears to make a radio call, then speeds off into city streets.

Team turns and tries to follow, but quickly lose track of faster more mobile cycle. Check out semi left at rivers edge. Something large was transported in it. Inside of trailer is slashed and dented. Some body parts and tracks of blood can be seen leading out of trailer and dissapear at mouth of river.

Back to plan and cross river. Find tall industrial building and wait for dusk.


Radios go crazy but hard to pick out what is being said. Harv hears Julie’s voice and words, “Attack!”, and “Zombies!”. He lies to group about understanding anything and talks everyone into staying atop silo to watch the university. Radios go quiet after about 15 minutes.


Two people are seen at top of belltower and appear to be shining a flashlight. Team decides to investigate. Head by foot over rail bridge and onto school grounds. Very dark out, especially under the large trees on campus mall. Team sticks to edge of buildings and approached tower. Hears banging and telltale signs of zombies ahead. Banging sounds to be coming from inside St Marys community center and moves to another wall. Zombies follow sounds and sees team. Fight ensues.

Party splits and W00t nearly burns down the small radio station building he took refuge in.


gubs gubs

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