Founding Deus Town


Tuesday, August 27, 2013. 8:15AM

Small marina dock with filling station. Power out. Signs of struggle on dock. Capsized boat. Office blocked from inside. Suicide inside; found revolver and motor oil. Generator in shed. Get it down to dock and onto ship itself. W00t hooks it to pump and start it up. Loud generator plus metal shed roofing equals zombie mating call. Ensuing fight against time to defend boat while gas fills. Use jacket and sail to muffle. W00t jumps in to grab flare gun and medkit. Pulled under water by trapped and now awakened zombie. Saved by Harv diving in and firing revolver underwater. Success! Refill all gas containers and ships. Travel down Haydn Island to house boats.

9:30AM – 8:00PM

Spend rest of day unhooking houses from docking structures and haphazardly connecting together. Deus Town founded! Spend night delegating roles to citizens: Tyler = mayor (the Picard), also guards rations; Julie in charge of ration distributions and HR.

Wedneday, August 28, 2013. 7:00AM

Head to Jantzen beach area to strip mall area. Quick stop at Sam’s parents house. Both his parents turned and locked in bedroom upstairs. Finds young girl hiding in bathtub. Parents dispatched by Chance. Sam weeps while other scavenge and protect. Escape to pickup.


gubs gubs

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