Saturday, September 1, 2013, 9:30PM

Harv sees figures peering out from behind a window barricade in St Marys Student Center. He knocks and tells the onlookers that the team means no harm and only seeks information and safety for a moment. They are immediately allowed in and meet a bunch of scared university students and unique looking priest.

Father Jose is a traveling priest visiting this school from Central America. He is wearing archaic leather armor and wields a whip and a ornate and heavy oaken cross.

Two students, Mike and Tommy, start asking if they’re light beacon in the bell tower was what brought the team. They speak of witnessing activity around the basketball arena involving a semi and some motorcycles over the past nights and as recently as twenty minutes ago.

Team gears up, heals, and heads to the arena. They sneak up to see an idling semi surrounded by overturned cars with a Slender on guard atop the truck. Successful ambush ensues and all enemies are dispatched. Some of the shamblers are recognizable as civilians from Deucetown. Team realizes the horrible truth that their town was attacked while they were gone.

Truck is empty with trails of blood leading into the arena. Hear screaming from inside arena once truck is turned off and think it might be Julie. Hold Sam back from just running in.

The two bikers from earlier are working on operating tables set in the center of the court.
One stands over a restrained Julie chanting and doing something. She screams. Some kind of black fog lashes out from below the operating table.
Giant unfinished beast is on one table and Karen (Eye witness) lies upon the other.
Harv starts sniping bikers, large daemon hound heads at group. Stairs work as perfect bottleneck. Daemon hound deals tons of damage to Sam and Chance. W00t hurls explosives and acids at enemies and inflicts serious injuries to all. Harv takes off to other side to head off escaping biker. Chance drops. Sam and Padre run. Chance eaten.


gubs gubs

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